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Rauparaha/Shore Bindweed Calystegia soldanella

Native. Not threatened.

This native convulvulus graces the Dune Garden, both dry dunes and dune wetland areas but is generally a widespread species being also found in the temperate climates of both the northern and southern hemisphere.


It is a low growing plant with fleshy green, glossy leaves. Pink and white, trumpet-shaped flowers grace the summer half of the year. An annual, it disappears almost completely in the winter, to start afresh in the spring. Small dune hollows are often filled with the black seeds which have rolled downhill from the plants.

Roots are quite fleshy and penetrate deep into the sand and it is this that aids their survival as they are able to propagate from root fragments.


NZPCN-Calystegia soldanella

iNaturalist-Calystegia soldanella

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