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Kekeno/New Zealand Fur Seal Arctocephalus forsteri

Native. Not threatened.

In recent years, at least one adult can be viewed fairly frequently in the vicinity of the boat club, either swimming close to shore or sleeping on the rocks. At certain times of the year, usually from May to September when pups start to be weaned from their mum, they may come ashore and are more frequently being seen at Foxton Beach. They are usually just resting so advisable to leave them alone but if unsure consult DoC fact sheet for advise.


Males are larger than females  and are polygamous, mating with numerous female, Pups are born nine months after mating.


Small fish and squid comprise the main elements of their diet but larger fish will also be taken and this is where conflict between humans and seals can arise with some being caught in nets.


More details can be found at nz-fur-seal/facts/

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