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Harakeke/New Zealand Flax Phormium tenax

Endemic. Not threatened.


Very much a dune wetland species, it is currently a small factor in the Dune Garden suite of plants but over time it may play a bigger role as one of the successor plants in the evolution of dune wetlands. On a broader note it is an abundant species throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, associated with damp areas but is also commonly planted in gardens and is in abundance around Foxton.

Foxton has a rich history associated with this plant, from early times right through to the present, although not so much now but there is still a Museum dedicated to the history of its uses, principally its fibre. There is not a website but details can be found here and also a brief history within this site.

Flowers grow on spikes and as they age, seeds pods develope.

NZPCN-Phormium tenax

iNaturalist-Phormium tenax

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