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Photo credits, (thumbnail) Don and Betty Wood. (main) Jesse Bythell

Māori Musk Thyridia repens

Native. At risk-naturally uncommon.

This rare flowering species is found in Estuaries around Aotearoa New Zealand. We are fortunate to have some in the Manawatū Estuary, but in a relatively inaccessible area which is no bad thing, Although the flower is distinctive, when not in flower the plant can resemble Maakoako.

It is a widespread, although uncommon species which seems to have suffered from the spread of several species of exotic reeds and grasses..


Flower colour varies between shades of purple but are sometimes much lighter, bordering almost to white. These distinctive blooms appear between November and May. but are relatively short-lived.


NZPCN-thyridia repens


iNaturalist-new zealand musk

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