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Mudwort Limosella lineata

Native. Not threatened.


This tiny dune wetland herb turned up in the Dune Garden in 2023 in a single patch which hopefully will increase over time.


Found in other dune wetlands on this coast, and a few estuaries too, it is not found in the Manawatū estuary at the time of writing.


One of the nice attributes of this species is that it can flower at any time of the year, but you must look closely – the flower is ca. 2 mm in width. Often growing in dense patches over open mudflats, these patches can be green, brown or red. It can also host a rare form of endemic yellow rust (fungus), which until a few patches were noticed north of Foxton Beach in 2023, had not been registered anywhere since 1970.


NZPCN-Limosella australis


iNaturalist-Limosella australis

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