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New Zealand Celery Apium prostratum var.filiforme

Native. Not threatened.


A delicate variant of the more common sea celery and as the name implies it is edible, but you’d need a fair amount to make an impression in a meal. It is one of the few species that can live in the lower story of the dense jungle Oioi creates in Estuaries, which is mostly where you’ll find it in the salt marsh areas of the Estuary.


A mainly prostrate, sprawling plant of coastal and lowland environments but occasionally montane regions.  Common on rock ledges, boulder falls, cliff faces, in peaty turf, salt-marshes, within Estuaries, on mud banks, around brackish ponds, and lagoons. Also found in freshwater systems along streams and rivers and in wet hollows.

iNaturalist-Apium prostratum filiforme

NZPCN-Apium prostratum prostratum var filiforme

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