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Oioi/Jointed Wire  Rush Apodasmia similis

Endemic. Not threatened.


This is a common rush throughout the Estuary and dune wetlands of this coast, indeed around much of Aotearoa New Zealand. Oioi is dioecious, which means it has gender and unlike many species, the sex of each plant is visible without the need of a microscope.


It can grow very densely, so that there is seldom room for other vegetation amongst the stems of any cluster. One downside of this is that Oioi can crowd out smaller species, as part of natural succession processes. Because it can be colourful, Oioi is used widely nationally as an ornamental plant, such on the walk between the international and domestic terminals at Auckland airport.

NZPCN-Apodasmia similis

iNaturalist-Apodasmia similis

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