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Maikaika/Onion-leaved Orchid Microtis unifolia

Native. Not threatened.


The first example of this orchid arrived in the Dune Garden at the time of writing in late 2023. There are no other native orchids inclined to ephemeral dune wetland environments on this coast, so it may be the only one we ever see there.

It is probably the most common species of orchid in Aotearoa New Zealand inhabiting a wide variety of habitats and elevations from the coast to montane, This is usually the species found in lawns and flower borders in urban areas.


Outside of our shores its range also extends to New CaledoniaPolynesia, the PhilippinesIndonesiaJapan and



NZPCN-Onion-leaved Orchid



Photo credit:. Jeremy R.Rolfe.
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