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Pest Animals
This page is under contruction and will be continually up-dated with additional information added as it become available.
It is a well known fact that Aotearoa New Zealand has its fair share of introduced animal species, many of which are detrimental to the survival of native wildlife. Many species, such as rodents (rats and mice) and mustelids (weasels, stoats and ferrets) are well documented and present around this area. This page will introduce some of these species, plus others that are not so well known. Brief introductions and a list of organisations where these can be reported will be included, as are some control methods.
Before commencing any trapping of Mustelids, Rats or Possums please consult Department of Conservation booklet Practical Guide to Trapping 3rd ed. 
paper wasp.jpg
Asian Paper Wasp Polistes chinensis

A common species in the area. They do sting but not as aggressive as Vespula wasps and stings not as severe. They take a heavy toll on native insects and their nests should be destroyed.

First spray with a
commercial fly spray
then when there is
no sign of wasps in
vicinity destroy
nests which will kill
any remaining

If you breed
Monarch Butterflies
there will be a nest
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