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Remuremu/Swampweed Goodenia radicans

Native. Not threatened.


Found throughout the southern hemisphere, this species common name originates here. Routinely found in estuarine situations, it can also be found in wetland habitats with little saline component. In summer it produces a lovely white half-star flower indistinguishable from it’s rare cousin, Goodenia heenanii, which is known only from this coast. Another defining characteristic of Remuremu is the production of wonderfully large, soft carpets of vivid green overlaying estuarine mud flats. This occurs on both sides of the river of the Ramsar site.

It has been hypothesised to be the main host plant for the moth species Asaphodes frivola, a critically endangered species, currently known from only two small colonies near Invercargill but would certainly be worth further investigation locally.


NZPCN-Selliera radicans


iNaturalist-Selliera radicans

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