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Tātaraheke/Sand Coprosma Coprosma acerosa

Endemic. At risk-declining

Rapidly becoming a scarce species and now classified as threatened, Primarily found in dry dunes around Aotearoa New Zealand and on this coast it is often found growing in dune wetland areas too.


The Dune Garden area is routinely home to new seedlings, both in the dry dunes and the wetland area .Male and female flowers are visibly different with the latter producing fruit, sometimes copiously, with a refreshing taste. The colour of the fruit varies from a bland white to a striking blue.


Reclamation, competition from Marram Grass Ammophila arenaria and browsing by lagomorphs (Rabbits and Hares) are some of the main causes of decline but responds well when both these threats are controlled.


NZPCN-Sand Coprosma

iNaturalist-Sand Coprosma

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