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Sand Gunnera Gunnera arenaria

Endemic. At risk-declining


This tiny member of the rhubarb family is not only endemic, but it is possible that the few clumps of this species in the Dune Garden are the only examples in the wild on the lower North Island. It is however, reputed to be common in other areas of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is a distant relative of the now prohibited Giant Gunnera which previously had been planted in gardens as a statement plant.


A coastal species mainly of damp sandy ground and dune slacks,

​it forms a creeping patch with thick, dark green leaves with strongly toothed margins. Tiny flowers are borne on small, upright spikes that develop into pale yellow to bright orange fruits.

NZPCN-Sand Gunnera

iNaturalist-Sand Gunnera

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