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Sand Wind Grass Lachnagrostis billardierei

Native. Not threatened.


Like  Tātaraheke/Sand Coprosma, this is mainly considered a dry dune species, but in the Dune Garden is found widely in the ephemeral dune wetland areas too. Common throughout Aotearoa New Zealand it is also present in Australia.


It grows as a tufted grass up to around 50cm tall, mainly on sand but also occurs in other well draining habitats such as cobble and rocky beaches, occasionally found inland.

Flowers from August through to February and  fruits from December to June with the spectacular purple heads of the summer. being larger and more common on the dry dune plants, but still distinguish this species nicely in the dune wetland locations.

NZPCN-Wind Sand Grass

iNaturalist-Sand Wind Grass

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