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Three-ribbed Arrow Grass Triglochin striata

Native. Not threatened.

This is another small pioneer species in dune wetlands and estuaries. In the saltmarsh areas of the Manawatū Estuary it seldom plays a big role, but it’s pioneering role is more obvious in the Dune Garden. In other areas such as the large dune wetland area at the south end of the Ohau Estuary, there are large and dense patches of this species. 

Although native to Aotearoa New Zealand it is widespread across the world being recorded from Australia, North and South America, Africa and southern Portugal.


The tiny white flower of this species are very fragile and borne on spike-like structures which reach up to 200mm tall. They are known to fruit profusely.


NZPCN-Triglochin striata


iNaturalist-Triglochin striata

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