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Pohowera/Banded Dotterel Charadrius bicintus

Native. At risk-declining.


Pohowere/Banded Dotterel breed mainly inland, moving to coastal regions in late December and are at their greatest numbers in February. From mid-July they begin to return to their breeding grounds. Most years at least one attempt is made to nest in the sand dunes. Usual clutch size is three with incubation reputed to be around four weeks. Young are active from hatching and take a further 6 weeks to become independent.

Plumage is variable with non-breeding livery pictured opposite. Two distinctive dark brown and chestnut bands cross the breast in breeding plumage, which fade as winter approaches.


These active little birds are visual feeders, running across the mudflats and stopping when they see something interesting. Their diet consists of crustaceans, worms, flies and berries from species such as Muehlenbeckia and Coprosma.

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