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Half-star Goodenia heenanii

Endemic. At risk-declining.


Now found only from Waikawa Beach to Tangimoana, this is a star of the Dune Garden, endemic to the Manawatu coast. It was formerly known in a few locations toward Whanganui.


Although it is effectively found nowhere else, it is in almost every single dune wetland, including some so small they are hardly recognisable as such. These ephemeral dune wetlands are mostly evolving toward larger plant species, which is why this species is on the threatened species list. A factor in favour of Goodenia heenanii is that ephemeral dune wetlands come and go over periods of a few years, which makes life difficult for larger, less adaptable species. This species is an early pioneer in newly re-establishing dune wetlands on this coast.


iNaturalist-Goodenia heenanii


NZPCN-Selliera rotundifolia       Old taxonomy used by this site.

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